Losing Out

by Swept Away

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released July 28, 2011



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Swept Away plymouth, Massachusetts

All we want to do is tour.

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Track Name: We Had
LET'S TAKE IT BACK, to the days when we had, EVERYTHING, back before anything could change, but nothing stays the same, now you're gone i don't recognize my face, and now you're gone i don't recognize your face, the wolves are at my door, I'm sorry i can't fight them anymore, and maybe they were right, we never shined that bright, So grow, give up, move on, forget everyone, Grow up, give up, lose hope, in everything, Remember me? another memory, we're nothing more than a used to be.
Track Name: Only Memories
I'm living in the shadows of a man i once followed, now those days are over OVER, chasing down the memories shared between you and me, we're both growing older, and i miss the days, when it was you and me against humanity, we were inseperable, we were indestructible, now those days are gone, and never coming back, so i stand here today putting flowers on the imaginary grave, 'cause you're not dead, but you're not who you were back then, this world broke the strongest person, i have ever known I WON'T FORGIVE THIS WORLD
Track Name: 10/25
This world broke me down, i was on my knees, that's when you came to me, Standing there so beautifully you took my hand and i followed your lead, my tears ran dry when i saw those daisy's in your eyes. Late nights, we grew close you and me, the moon and the stars that's when, that's when, that's when, you stole my heart. In an instant you broke down all my walls, swearing and promising you'd never, never let me fall, i believed every word that you said, cause we're together until the end. I'm not me without you, you're not you without me, so now we're destined to walk alone the rest of eternity, the hands of time put our hearts together, those same hands, tore us apart. Every night i wish things to be different, that they didn't end this way, cause your forever started with me, and that's how it should end, please for-give me, please forgive me, please forgive me, for everything that i've ever said, i just want to be what i dream of in my head.
Track Name: Dreams
This dream hits me like a brick, I stumble out of bed, crumbling on the inside, I need to go for a drive, get as far as I can, so I can hide, as I reach my destination, feels like a part of me has died, is this how it feels, is this how it feels, to let go, I'm on the edge of this town, walking these choppy shore lines, that's when I think about all those lies, every word you spit, every breath we ever took I'll take it all, I'll fucking take it all, learn these last words, take our last few breaths, learn these last words. I will never love again. I WILL NEVER LOVE AGAIN
Track Name: TTC
It burns inside my chest, every night when I fall asleep, all theses youthful faces, screaming 'bout committment, where, have, all, you, gone? grown up I guess, on to something childish, something far less innocent, so how come, I'm the only one, to hold my head in my hands, when it's all your fault, when will you realize, that what you see, is from your demise, when to us, it's more than just a passing trend, this is brotherhood, it's more than just fairweather friends, this is my choice in life, this is my drug free mind. I don't give a fuck what you think of me, I did this for myself, and no one fucking else, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK, WHAT YOU THINK OF ME, I DID THIS FOR MYSELF, AND NO ONE FUCKING ELSE
Track Name: Losing Out
OH, In the land where the sun never sleeps, we stand tired eyed and alone, standing at the edge of the world, THE WORLD, desperately trying to find our way home, if we all die alone, then what fuck are we searching for, tell me, what we're searching for, something to hold on to, SOMETHING WORTH MORE, so many sleepless nights, I've spent wandereing, waiting for the day, the chance to leave home, left in the dust, no hope for any of us, disconnect from our minds, leave these days behind, can't stop fighting even though we're losing, WE CAN'T STOP FIGHTING even though we're losing ourselves, we're losing ourselves. STANDING AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, DESPERATELY TRYING TO FIND WON'T FIGHT ALONE, WE WON'T FIGHT ALONE.