Calloused EP

by Swept Away

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at RAW studios with Josh Shreibeis and Andy Vickery


released May 21, 2012

Josh Schreibeis and Andy Vickery for recording us, Tommy Leahy, Chris Santoro, Justin Paling, Chris McNulty, Joey Andrews, Keynote Company, Richard Collier and anyone who has ever supported us. Loved ones, friends, family, DTMC.



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Swept Away plymouth, Massachusetts

All we want to do is tour.

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Track Name: In Progression of...
I've watched a town I love turn into a town I hate. I watched all these kids somehow lose their way. They were just like me, trying to fulfill their dream but something in them has changed. They're not the same. They started living a different way and it feels like they're slipping away, but i won't make the same mistakes that they made. And it feels like I'm running away from everything that I've ever helped create. I can;t take this anymore; my hands are dirty. Its time for me to settle the score. It's to move on and let go of the things holding me back; let go of the things I've become. But i can still feel my innocence and I can still feel my beautiful bliss. I can't go back to the day where this was everything, but I can start living a new way, free from everything that's keeping me bound.
Track Name: Brave New World
I'm stuck in between the boy that i used to be and the man i'll one day become. I can't do this anymore, just sit and let life run its course. but i cant help to watch it pass me by. all these days I've spent wasting away, all these years I've spent waiting on change. nothing is changing, my hope is fading. there is no going back, my soul is jaded. this world has made it. what you see now is just a mask i am making, what they're taking. i was caught in the trap, now its burning from night until morning leaving nothing but ask. Hate has filled my mind, my mind isn't mine. retrace the steps I've made, go back to yesterday because i cant live today when I regret every choice I've made..
Track Name: Solidarity
SO FUCK YOUR SUNSETS, I'll watch the sunrise. just me, myself and these tired eyes. and I've come to realize that this world is full of fucking lies and full of shit that's not quite gold but will still brightly shine. And these open fields are now more welcoming than my home, they're just a place to rest my bones or just a place to rest my soul. I've tried my best to escape my mind that's becoming a mess and I've failed each time now. I'm wishing more and more for death. I'm unfamiliar with the face i see in the mirror, if life's a gamble, then I want a new dealer. Look at what my life's become, this is something I should have done back before when I was young. If I could go back and find myself I'd tell myself to not give up on the things you dream of. If I could find myself, I'd tell myself to not give up.